My name is Mariana Matalon and I’m a fashion and textile designer. I am also a mother to Goni, a five-year-old, smart, opinionated, and mature girl. Ever since her persona ‘poped’ out, I’ve been looking for clothes to compliment and externalize it. Being in the industry, it was important for me to find high-quality, well-sewn, fine fabric clothing. Dreamy clothes that are inspired by childhood stories and respect the people who created them. 

You can imagine that this was not an easy task! 

I have decided to put my dream of being a political textile artist aside and to start designing Goni’s clothing. Like I fell in love with Goni when I first saw her, so did I fall in love with my newly found art. And just like she was born and came into my life, forever changing it, so was the MUMI collection born and forever changed my life. 

My mission is to create timeless, essential clothing with the most responsible production practices.

I hope you love my new “baby” as much as I do, moreover I hope your children do.


Magazine Makorrishon